Exclusion of U.S. Citizens

So I’m trying to get an understanding of some conflicting processes that occur with Algorand. Hoping that someone can provide some clarity.

Algorand is located in Boston, MA USA.

U.S. based Algorand Ambassadors cannot be rewarded in Algo rather they get USD whilst most others get Algo.

Persons in the US can download the Algorand wallet from the Apple App Store and Google Play in the US. Further, they can buy Algo from an exchange and send it to their wallet and they will earn rewards for their stake. However, US persons are excluded from the Super Staking program which essentially is getting rewards for staking. So what is the difference?

How is it that the Relay nodes in the US get rewarded algo if no one else can be rewarded algo in the other scenarios except when they personally stake?

Am I the only one that finds this to be off?