GP11 NFT Rewards - Shufl

Here is the proposal from Shufl for the NFT rewards program.

Due to the short notice period, this proposal is still a work in progress. We needed to ensure it was technically possible to achieve our goals and that they would align with the rewards criteria. We welcome community discussion and through collaboration hope we can find a way to ensure this campaign can be as successful as possible.

We are aware a high value giveaway of Algos may pose a potential nightmare for the Foundations legal department, so will work closely with them to ensure this is both compliant and ultimately feesible. Alternative prizes may be considered such as high value NFTs. Ideally the thinking is to have some large headline prize that serves to make this attractive.

We are still working on refining ideas around whether claiming would be enough to qualify for entry, or whether we would be better to increase the number of interactions the user had to make with Algorand to increase the chances of them becoming a regular Algorand user.

If it is deemed to be impractical, or the community would prefer a more conservative approach, we would allocate the total amount towards the creator royalties boost for NFTs sold via Shufl.

We will engage with active discussion with the community here on the forum and look forward to working with you to help support the growth of the ecosystem.

Link to draft proposal


I have been advocating for a DripHaus like system for Algorand for a while, so I am very happy to see this approach.

I think having free NFTs allows people to be able to check out the ecosystem with minimal risk and using GoPlausible is a great way to not need an Algorand Wallet and the use of delegated fees is :pinched_fingers:


I like it. Is a creative use of rewards :+1:

I think most of us are multichain collectors in someway… this makes a nice easy way to loop those connections back around to try out Algo


I liked the plan but I stopped reading at GoPlausible.

I don’t think Shufl should get ANYWHERE near Vendible, the platform responsible for Govendible and other Go derivatives

They have already scammed the Algorand Foundation and multiple-chains. Please don’t get scammed next. They sold me NFTs that were supposed to be keys, but they never opened anything.

The guy was on twitter spaces being nice to me and told me to buy NFTs like Ible City for lifetime program. Now he disappeared and I am out of my algo and my lifetime bonus.

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Thanks for your comment, seems there is some misunderstanding. GoPlausible has nothing to do with the Vendible project, they are entirely separate teams. GoPlausible specializes in POAP (proof of anything protocol) and they have numerous live solutions/products on chain.

As for Vendible, the last update I heard was that the founders Doug and Gwin were still actively working on the project and trying to secure the necessary funding to bring it to market.

This idea will certainly work as Twitter will attract more people from other blockchains. I remember XRP had a similar twitter based NFT claiming mint which attracted lot of eyeballs.

Please make sure the tweet includes relevant hashtags so that it gets max reach.

GoPlausible is a completely different product from a well known founder. It has no ties with Govendible team FYI.
GoPlausible is a proof of attendence application.

last time i used goplausible i was unable to claim nft for 5 minutes… then i gave up. Then there was this event when someone claimed 2k of nfts on single wallet… it’s a broken platform funded by AF grants stay clear.

Idea about free nfts is cool though

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GoPlausible has undergone numerous iterations and the team continue to improve it, they are about to launch a major update which if you’ve reviewed the testnet version is extremely impressive. Just because you had one bad experience in the past (which potentially could have been down to other issues such as wallets, the way the user had set up the claim etc) doesnt make it a broken platform. I believe we should be supporting those who continue to build and have shown a commitment to Alogrand.

In regards their funding, they went through the AXL accelerator program which included a small funding component. This said, I dont see how they are funded has any relevance to this discussion. Its also worth noting, they have offered to support this initiative at no cost as they believe in its potential to help grow the ecosystyem.


EXA and Shufl are the only marketplaces even attempting to try to go outside algorand to find more users. Cheers to you, and this is a good rewards program. The royalties boost is interesting, but consider a cashback for collectors. We need love too :slight_smile:

Thank you @silvio_rules
We’ve found that the successful projects that go on and receive the bulk of the royalty boosts are the ones which activate their communities by coming up with incentives to encourage users to buy via Shufl, so even though we distribute to the creators, this more often than not is passed on to the collectors.

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