Shufl NFT Rewards - Round V DRAFT

This quarter, Shufl will continue to focus on supporting creators/builders who champion Algorand NFTs. Through rewarding creators, we provide direct incentives for creators to engage and activate their communities.

All creators whose NFTs complete more than 500A sales volume during the six week period will receive a pro-rata share of the allocated rewards. Rewards will be capped at a maximum of 25% per creator, ensuring that there is a fair and balanced distribution which supports as many creators as possible.

View the full proposal here

*To avoid any conflict of interest Goanna NFT collections will not be eligible for Shufl’s NFT rewards.

We are cognisant that the previous NFT rewards were not widely popular with the community as evidenced by the majority of platforms failing to have their proposals passed. We welcome any suggestions/feedback prior to the governance vote.


Sounds like a fair rewards program. This will have my vote as an Xgov.


As a Creator i think your proposal is easy to understand and very fair with little chance to be gamed so you have my vote - again :slight_smile:


this is a solid proposal, I like the UI of Shufl a lot and hopefully more volume is there with these rewards!