Shufl Rewards Payouts GP10

With the conclusion of the Shufl NFT rewards forQ1 period (GP10) we have prepared our rewards payout. In an effort to ensure to maximum transparency full working is available at the google sheet here which shows all sales during the period.

For reference you can view our published terms for the rewards here

We would like to invite the community to review the working and let us know if there is any issues with either the calculations used or if they have witnessed any evidence of wash trading to game the results. During the period we have had no reports made of such activity but given these are community based rewards it is important to provide an opportunity for community review before we make any distributions.

Summary Below:

Rewards period Q1 2024
Jan 22 -Mar 22
Total No of Sales: 883 NFTs sold
Total Sales Volume: 101179.15A
No of different collections sold: 53
Rewards available for distribution: 49,824A
No of eligible creators who met the 500A threshold for rewards: 13

Jorge: 12,456
Shep: 12,456
Loopies: 6768.706775
Pixel Pigs: 4444.382482
Prime Suspects: 4100.712407
Cosmic Champs: 2328.799638
Bork Borks: 2022.005599
Fracctal Tamers: 1492.456812
MNGO: 1022.140537
NFT Tales: 922.4071611
Crazy Goose Robots: 722.9404095
Flemish Clones: 567.0120859
Geko Fam: 520.4360931

Creators will be asked to contact Shufl either via Discord or Twitter to confirm payout addresses.