SHUFL NFT Rewards Program - Report

Here is the distribution report from Shufl for the current period.

View Shufl Distribution Report Here

We are required to post this in the forum by today, but since our rewards period runs for another three weeks we are unable to provide complete data or indicate amounts that have been distributred as these are still TBC.

We have however used this opportunity to provide a sales breakdown by project. With projects needing to meet a 500A threshold to qualify for the rewards, hopefully this helps provide an incentive to those projects wishing to qualify and shows them what they need to do to ensure inclusion.

It is worth noting, that many of the qualifying projects, Goodbois, Shep, 8-bit cones, Bork Borks etc all ran community incentives to help drive sales, such as giveaways for new holders who bought through Shufl.

For those who haven’t seen our proposed updates for future rewards please take the time to have a look. We are pivoting to include an on-boarding campaign focused on bringing in new collectors.

I literally don’t know who you are but pack it up… the algofam nft rewards program is over.

There is no need for this petty sniping here.