Hii, anybody can guide me how to install Algorand indexer on Mac. when I came to a point to install indexer, I am facing this error 'zsh: exec format error: ./algorand-indexer'

./algorand-indexer daemon -h
zsh: exec format error: ./algorand-indexer

Welcome @ravipal to the Algorand Developer Forums. Glad to see you building an Indexer on your Mac; sorry you are having an issue.

From Stack Overflow:

The file that you’re running has been given the execute permission, but it isn’t in a format that the kernel understands, so it can’t be executed on your machine.

Run file /path/to/the/executable to see what kind of a file it is.

This could be an archive that you’re supposed to extract, or an executable for a different architecture (e.g. a 64-bit executable on a 32-bit system), or anything else really.

Please share with us the URL to the guide you are following. Please note which steps you have taken thus far and where you encounter this error.