Newbie setting up Algo Relay and indexer On Ubuntu - Help me!

Hello Mates!

I’m new to Algo network. I started setting up Algo relay and the indexer two different Ubuntu nodes.

My relay seems to be successful. On the other now I have downloaded indexer binaries from github and while testing, I’m seeing following error. PLease help me.

$ ./algorand-indexer daemon -h
Invalid configuration: While parsing config: yaml: control characters are not allowed


This issue is due to a collision between the configuration file name and the executable name.
Both were called algorand-indexer until commit (that is not merged to the branch master yet).
You will encounter this issue if you run algorand-indexer as:

./algorand-indexer -h

(This command will try to read the executable algorand-indexer as a configuration file.

The PR fixes the issue but is not yet merged into master.

In the meantime, you can do the following to avoid the issue:

  1. add algorand-indexer to the $PATH and run algorand-indexer from a different folder or
  2. rename the executable algorand-indexer to something else or
  3. use the develop branch of the Algorand index (not recommended).

Thanks @aojjazz for debugging this issue on Discord!

Note, you may also see the following error instead:

./algorand-indexer -h
Invalid configuration: While parsing config: yaml: invalid trailing UTF-8 octet

This is due to the same issue.

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Thank you @fabrice . Thank you for chiming in…