How to connect ASA with purestake API?

and having some trouble setting goal, algod, kmd. If anyone knows something about my problem, please help me.

You need to install Docker, Docker Compose and the Algorand Sandbox:

  1. Install Docker Compose | Docker Documentation
  2. GitHub - algorand/sandbox: Algorand node sandbox

An alternative is to directly install the Algorand software: Install a Node - Algorand Developer Portal

No need to run a node, just install the software.

You don’t need any of goal, algod, or kmd if you are working with an API provider, just your SDK of choice.

A general tutorial for the PureStake API and creating tx is here - Creating a JavaScript Transaction with the PureStake API | Algorand Developer Portal .

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How can I install it in windows?

Is there any tutorial for purestake other than the one provided by the algorand site?

I am unable to use sandbox due to the path issues in windows. I used git bash, but it asked the path of ubuntu, and I don’t know how to set a path for it.

There are code samples here - GitHub - PureStake/api-examples: code samples for API - but most tutorials are on the Algorand site.

What issues do you get?

First, as @Tim mentioned, you do not need the Algorand software (goal, msgpacktool, …) for most tutorials. But it is sometimes convenient.

To install Algorand software on Winodws:, you have multiple options:

I learned how to use the purestake API, and now I identified the token, server, and port from the code samples. Thanks a lot.

Thanks, I do work with that earlier without knowing what the problem I face later is.