Issue with activating my new ALGO address

To activate i must sent a minimal 0.1 or 0.2 ALGO to my new address, i have added more to this address then requested and it is showing the correct amount.

On the under the ‘TRANSACTIONS’ tab you can clearly see ALGO being received and sent from this new address. It is showing nothing under the ‘ASSETS’ tab and if i want to sent another coin/token using the ALGO chain to this address it is telling me ‘Target address has not been activated and is unable to receive transfers for this token’.

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?

Without the actual address, no.
Try to repeat the process on testnet, with a diffrerent account, if you do not want to publish the address.

Also, try to write more about the systems / programs /apps used. Who is sending the ‘Target address has not been activated and is unable to receive transfers for this token’?

My guess is that you did not opt in to the asset you want to receive.
Each asset (apart from Algo itself) needs to be opted in before you can receive them.
The opt-in process depends on the wallet.
The opt in process is also called “add an asset” or “add an ASA” on some wallets.

Note that you need to be careful to add the correct asset/ASA ID. Multiple assets may have the same name. Only the asset/ASA ID is unique.

I’m trying to send RIO on the ALGO chain from the MEXC exchange to my RIO and TRUST wallet.
When i add the receive address (i have tried with both wallet addresses) i receive an error from MEXC that the receive address has not been activated. To activate i need to add ALGO which in both wallets i have done but the error remains.

I have tried with 2 different wallets one is the TRUST wallet and the other from the token itself the RIO wallet. In the Trust wallet i have added/opt in the ALGO and RIO wallet and i can see my ALGO balance correctly stated. Even with the native wallet from RIO is still get the error message which is

OK, so you opted in to RIO in the Algorand wallets. Can you send me the Algorand address, for which MEXC gives the error message?

(Address sent in private mail…)

OK. I looked up the address in
The problem is, that you haven’t opted in to asset RIO.
Press the tab “Assets” beside “Transactions”, you will see that it is empty.
Opt in to the required asset. Only after opt in can you receive it.

How to opt in? In the “usual” wallets like Pera Algo wallet there is a searate function for that:
Assets Manage +
Then you can sepcify asset id or asset name you want to opt in.

Opt in = adding asset to wallet

Try to add RIO in the Pera Algo wallet. You can download Pera from the Google Play Store.
You can use Pera Algio web app, from here:

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Can you share a screenshot of the issue (blackout your address or better, create a new disposable address, for privacy reasons)?

Can you also go to, search for your account, and click on the arrow next to balance, and send a screenshot (hide the balances for privacy)?
See how it should look like on the screenshot below (a random testnet account):

You see this address on TestNet opted in to the following assets: myasset, Optional hash, …

Your address need to show the same for the asset you want to receive.

Account is unable to receive token only if it is not opted in to that asset. You cannot send asset to someone who is not opted in to the asset.

Receiver must first opt in, which means he sends to himself the specific asset with zero amount. He must have on the account the minimum required algo amount… mostly it is 0,1 algo per asset (including algo)… so new account will have requirement of 0,2 algo

I already had sent more then requested in all the wallets. Trust and the native token wallet did not work but the Pera Algo wallet did! I received an update from the Realio network (native token wallet) and there seems to be problem on their end which there are trying to fix.

Thank you anyway for your message.

I downloaded the Pera Algo wallet which in the end worked! The native token wallet seem to be having a problem on their end which they are trying to solve.

Thank you anyway for your message.