Problem transferring Rio (Realio) from Pera to Rio wallet

I’m trying to send some RIO (Realio) from my Pera wallet to my Realio wallet on Algo. It comes up with the message:

“ Ask recipient to opt-in

You can’t send RIO to (wallet address) because this wallet didn’t opt-in for this asset yet.“

The RIO token clearly shows up in my Realio wallet and provides a receive address. Can someone point me to how I “opt-in”?


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What does the rio wallet address look like. Does it show up on algo explorers lol.
You could be trying to send to a different chain.

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All I’m trying to do is send RIO to a Tangem wallet on Ethereum. The only reason I’m using Algo is because my RIO is on MexC and the only chain I can use to send it out of the exchange is Algo.

Any ideas welcomed!

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Accounts on Algorand may only receive assets they’ve chosen to receive. This is done by “opting in” to receive them. On the new account, in the wallet you’re using, you need to find where to add an asset, or opt in to an asset. Once you’ve done that, then you can receive it from your other account.

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Thanks for all your replies to far. Please explain this to me like Im a dummy.

My RIO is currently on MexC.
I want to send it to my Tangem wallet.
MexC network is ALGO. Tangem network is ETH.
Somehow I have to bridge from ALGO to ETH.
I thought I could do this by sending RIO from MexC to Pera using ALGO network. Then from Pera to my Rio Wallet using ALGO, Then from my Rio Wallet to my Tangem wallet using ETH. Highly convoluted…

If anyone can suggest an easier way Id be grateful.

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From what I understand, you have the RIO in RIO wallet. then press cross chain swap.

Pick From ALGO chain to ETH chain and enter your tangem wallet.

Just test alil bit first. Hope it helps.

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Thank you Leaf for your help so far.

The issue I am encountering is not being able to send RIO from Pera wallet to the RIO wallet. I’ve got as far as sending RIO from MexC to Pera Wallet via Algo network.

When I go to send from Pera to RIO wallet, the following message comes up:

“Ask recipient to opt-in

You can’t send RIO to

ZFE….QYTO because this wallet didn’t opt-in for this asset yet. Learn more about

Request Opt-in”

So I press the “request opt-in” button.

I don’t know where that request is sent?

The RIO asset is already showing in my RIO wallet as it is show in the pictures you have pasted.

Any ideas?



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Yes, I tested some just now and it works fine.

Try this:

Do it with low amount first for testing. GL!

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says algorand to eth bridging is closed. are you sure it was functional in january?