Looking for C# developer

Hello, I’m a .NET C# programmer with no experience at all in blockchain. I’m looking for a .NET C# programmer with experience in Algorand that could help in developing a small project. Basically I’m developing a program that generates some data objects and saves them to SQL database. In order to add additional security and prevent tampering, I was thinking to calculate the hash for a data object and save that hash in Algorand (it would be too expensive to save the full object). This way, I can always check if the data object I have in my server has been tampered or not (by calculating the hash for the data object and compare it with the one in Algorand).

This is the theory… :grinning: But I’m a newbie in blockchains, and I’m not sure if this is the correct approach or not. So I’m looking for someone that could give me some “consulting” and also maybe creating a very simple program (in C#) that illustrates this technique. The software I’m developing will be free and I’m developing it in my spare time, but I have a small budget that I want to use for this.


Hi there,

Your understanding is correct.
You can see this tutorial for how to use C# for sending transactions and making ASA: Build Algorand iOS, Android and UWP apps using C# .NET SDK and Xamarin | Algorand Developer Portal

To understand some basic concepts of Algorand, I’d recommend you to have a look at the document first.