iOS, Android and Windows App development, solution posted

If you are a mobile developer, you might be interested in a solution posted yesterday on building iOS, Android and Windows apps with one code base, using the C# community SDK to build it with Xamarin. Looking for more cross platform solutions like this with React Native, Kotlin or Unity 3D if interested, contact me.


Solution Link

Source repo


I have an App I’d like to build with this.

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AWESOME! Can you share more?

rfustino, could Algorand make a Flutter SDK for developing mobile/web apps?
Flutter is Google’s high performance solution for building Android/iOS/Web apps!
Flutter development is much faster than React or React Native.
Please advise. Thank you

The more SDKs the better! Here are two more community SDKs below that have been started on Flutter and Dart. They are both in need of an update to V2. So, let me know if you know any one interested in updating this. They could submit a grant proposal to the Algorand Foundation for this effort, if not already underway.