Navigation of taxation

I have more of an idea if developers are interested. I am not a developer.
But all I hear is people complaining about taxes in the defi/crypto space. Why not provide a guiding tool or dapp that you can connect your wallet to and it will track all your transactions and notify you about capital gains or losses before selling or swapping assets. (Crypto and NFTS).
The dapp could also give tips to help bring down possible taxes owed. How can this space be filled with all this potential financial freedom and not provide tools for taxes?
It’s a nightmare for the average user. Find a way to make tracking taxes in defi not so difficult.
I am sure a majority of Crypto holders would appreciate at tax dapp.
The dapp could also be a tool to educate people on taxcodes.
You could probably add premiums to be paid in algo. Basic service for free, but premiums come with more perks, like getting assistance from an accountant/CPA or in depth education on taxation.
Not sure if it would need a token, since premiums will be paid in algo/usdc.
For example, monthly premiums could be from $5-$10 or the equivalent of that in ALGO.
I think this is something maybe Algorand foundation could add to its own blockchain. Just an idea. Come on guys bring a tax app. Do a survey and see what people think.

Hey, I even got a name: deTAXi (defi taxi)

Stuck not knowing which way to go,
Let deTAXi help you navigate the roads of taxcode.

There are already many websites that handle this, but they’re always chasing a moving target.
Koinly handles Algorand natively for example, but doesn’t handle ASAs well or various defi usage. handles Algorand better, but is also still chasing a moving target.

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Are you proposing country specific dapps? States?

Yeah, federal and state/province tax codes. (US and Eurpoe first but eventually every country.
Yeah, i know, we will need accountants acrossed the globe to help out, but it will be a huge benefit to the chain(s). I know we already have platforms that help you out with crypto taxes. But we need something that educates you on tax codes and notify you about possible tax gains/losses before you sell.

A dapp like that would be perfect. Especially people earning rewards and swapping assets. Those are all taxable events. Wouldnt you want to just hook up your algo wallet to a tax dapp and it would tell you of all your taxable events, capital gains/losses all the while give you tips about taxes.

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