Opting-out of staking rewards

It may seem like a strange question but is it possible for a wallet/address to opt out of receiving staking rewards?

I found this on github

@tsachiherman Participating accounts that go offline can still accumulate rewards. Non-participating accounts can never accumulate rewards

Does this suggest it’s technically possible to opt-out of receiving rewards?

Yes, marking your account non-participating will opt out of receiving rewards.

This action cannot be reverted. Furthermore, non-participating accounts cannot participate in the consensus (i.e., cannot be marked online).

You can however always close the account into a fresh new account to be able to receive rewards again.
But all the rewards you did not receive (while being marked non-participating) are forever forfeited.

thank you. How can I mark an account as non-participating and where can I check the current status of an account?

You can check on GoalSeeker for example whether an account is Online/Offline/Non-Participating. For example, the fee sink is non-participating: https://goalseeker.purestake.io/algorand/mainnet/account/Y76M3MSY6DKBRHBL7C3NNDXGS5IIMQVQVUAB6MP4XEMMGVF2QWNPL226CA

To mark an account non-participating, see https://developer.algorand.org/docs/reference/cli/goal/account/marknonparticipating/