Outgoing Transaction Always Failed Without Auth Address

Fellow algorand dev,
although I have a mnemonic phaseprese and password. here I have problems for outgoing transactions where transactions fail because my account is not found auth address. I have tried to release the rekey on the auth address but the result failed.

Please advise whether it is possible to execute transactions in the algorand network without involving the auth address?

Thank you

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It sounds like you have rekeyed your account. In which case the original mnemonic/private key is no longer used when signing transaction, and instead you must sign them using the mnemonic/private key of the account which you rekeyed to.

It’s very important that you retain the mnemonic of the account you rekeyed your original account to. Losing this will result in your account becoming inaccessible.

Is it possible that you had been using two different wallets, and rekeyed your account in one of them, but haven’t imported the mnemonic into the other wallet? For example Pera Mobile and Pera Web?

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Hi Nullu,

Until now I haven’t found where the private key/mnemonic to unlock auth-address is.

It’s very draining for me.

Is there any other mechanism to execute transactions without using/ignoring auth-address?

Unfortunately not, if an account has been rekeyed then only the new auth-addr can sign transactions for it. Check all the different wallets you’ve used.

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