Sent Algo from Coinbase

Made a mistake. Sent 158 Algo from Coinbase. Typed the address 1 letter off for my Algo Wallet. I know - Deserve to Lose it.
However, just wondering. I know the address I sent it to, but looked the address up in Block explorer, and it does not exist.
Where would the Algo go to if not in the block explorer anywhere?

Sounds like a question for Coinbase. If the address you’re using includes a checksum then the txn should not have been valid and so should not have been processed. Do you know that the txn was processed? Do you have the txn ID?

Out of curiosity, doesn’t every last 4 bytes of an address correspond to a checksum?
Just asking since you mentioned: “If the address…

Since I don’t know where the address came from I can’t be sure if it’s formatted with checksum of if it’s just the public key.