Algo send from to wallet failed


Yesterday I wanted to make a withdrawal of 216 algo from to my coinbase wallet. After I filled in all the required fields the withdrawal got a txid but then failed and now it’s not in nor my coinbase wallet. I asked support and they said “ Dear user:
Your failure is caused by the unstable block. After the verification fails, it will be resent or returned to you. Generally, the processing is completed within 24 hours. You can pay attention to the withdrawal status.”

Now over 24 hours later the status is still on failed. What can I do or do I need to wait till it’s automatically resend by the network or cancelled?

Have you got back your Algos?

I am not sure what they mean by “unstable blocks”.
The Algorand blockchain produces one block every 5s and as soon as a transaction is in a block, it is final.
There cannot be any fork at any point.

The network will never resend a transaction by itself.
Transactions are anyway valid only about 2h.

The exchange/wallet needs to send again the transaction.

Unfortunately it’s not back yet. The say this “
The transaction is not successfully sent for the first time. The wallet will resend this transaction until successfully sent assets to the destination address or this transaction will finally fail. The failed transaction will be canceled and assets will be returned to your account. The process may more than one day , please wait patiently, and we will process it as soon as possible.“

The odd thing is that it got a txid but when I search for the txid it’s empty:


When a failure occurs you should not get a txid or am I wrong? Or can u get a txid and can it not be send or get a failure even though it got a txid?

Anybody can compute a transaction ID even if the transaction is not sent to the network or is not approved by the network.
You can get a transaction ID even if a failure occurred.

Do you have an actual Algorand address associated to your wallet?
If yes, you can check the balance of this address on

I checked the adres it’s 7OYUKX4P45MDQLTMXRDD4GVLICOT74M74BZI2K6HCNLIPSJD4CI266DIFA but that shows balance 1,2 algo and the adres I send it to shows balance 0. So I actually don’t have a clue where the 214 coins are right now.

It looks like it is a hot wallet shared by multiple users of the exchange.
I am afraid your only hope is to continue contacting the support of
I hope this situation will be fixed.

Yeah will do, thanks for explaining and helping :slight_smile: . Much appreciated and I’ll let you know if it worked out or not