Smart Contracts for Beginner

Hello! I am writing this forum because I have some questions. I am trying to write a smart contract for a very simple game and I’m just having trouble conceptualizing how everything comes together. So the game would be similar to how the (I forgot exactly what it’s called) slot machine game that Smile coin has in that you would place a static wager and then you get tokens if you achieve the desired results. In my game’s case, I would want to design it where you would place your static wager like for example 8 gTkn (game tokens just as an example) and then if you got through 10 levels you would receive 10 gTkn. Sorry to make this really long, but could anyone point me to where I could learn how smart contracts interact with python documents and what are the bare bones necessities that you need in a smart contract? If you guys don’t have time for a noob like me I understand lol. Just wanted to ask

I strongly recommend starting by reading: Build with Python - Algorand Developer Portal

Now, for slots games, you will need access to randomness.
There is currently no easy access to secure randomness on Algorand but that should change soon.

Thank you!!! The game I want to build actually has nothing to do with slots or randomness but I was just using that to explain how I want my game to be able to take in a static wager and then pay out based on how many levels a player gets passed! Thank you for the info though!