The #1 Algorand NFT Marketplace R& is 100% built in Wordpress!

TIL on the discord that all of R& is Wordpress…

Algorand is hands down the best tech of any blockchain but the #1 website cannot and should not be a frigging wordpress website.

On that point alone, I believe that R& should not receive any rewards. Exa is a much more deserving platform. Remove R& rewards. Split them evenly across all marketplaces. Otherwise, AF is picking favorites.

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@Adri who are the moderators to tag for posts like this? They’re not constructive and trolling.



Yes… and?

I don’t understand how being built on WordPress is relevant to NFT Reward Distribution.


Web development frameworks are tools used by developers. If a developer can uses these tools properly, we get a good product. Rang gallery is such a product.

Actually we have to focus on algorand wordpress plugins.This will make sure that all those cool websites being built on wordpress can easily interact with algorand.


I second this. Making it easier for people to add a little Algorand related widget to their WordPress/Squarespace/Google-based site could help make Algorand a more attractive choice for creators.


I have a great idea for Rand to try out.

There will be lot of code snippets in rand code base that can be converted to WordPress plugins. Especially wallet integration and signing of transactions.

What about applying for a grant to create and open source these plugins

Even community will be ready to pay rand team to go to WordPress conferences to promote these plugins.

The money from the grant can further utilised for improving UI of rand.

Algorand community will largely benefit from such an endeavour as more WordPress websites will integrate algorand (WordPress a widely untapped market)

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You might or might not like how the NFT rewards are distributed; nothing is mentioned inside the official document ( that the NFT marketplace needs to use one framework or another. (Feel free to submit a PR that changes that)

I will leave the thread open because the discussion around WordPress plug-ins is starting to be constructive.


You right Steve. Personally i am not a dev but devs have told me that wordpress is a joke.

After some research and asking chatgpt. Wordpress does seem like a valuable platform for devs. This is a great opportunity for the community to band together and list algorand.

We can build plugins for the marketplaces. Anyone want to propose an xgov proposal?

@vidhyanand you seem to be a dev? Can you build something for R&? Maybe contract work?

I am not a WordPress dev. But R& and certainly take the initiative if they are interested.

There is nothing wrong with wordpress, hundreds of millions of sites use it. A wordpress plugin culd be good for the community as it would help spread NFTS to others. Imagine if on any wordpress site you could buy or sell algo nfts, now that’s cool!

Nothing wrong with wordpress my brothers mothers sisters brother also uses it for his hobby marketplace. However ever since that vulnerability was discovered in one of the plugins he uses, he is unable to do anything…

when was the last update done to the marketplace, that is the real question