Trust Wallet Security

Be aware…do not use Trust Wallet.
The security of TW is a fake.
All my funds were stolen from someone in the other side of the world, with an IP completely diferent of the usual.
Nothing suspicious?
All that stuff of the 12 words is just SMOKE
Anyone with a lithe of knowledge can hack and leave you with nothing.
In just a moment my account went to CERO, all my saving gone.
And the TW support and security team hash their hands, says nothing.
This wallet could be anithing but not TRUSTED

u sure you were using the real trust wallet? i know quite a few ppl who use it without issue.

The very real trust wallet
I’m also in touch with the people of support of TW and they are washing their hands

They know that
SO…i Will probably have loosed everithing but i Will be warning people do that doesnt happens to them

Be carefull
This wallet is not safe
Securuty issues are a fake

I don’t know how are the other wallets becouse inuse this one
But i earn everibody
Don’t use it

and you didnt go to any weird dapps from a random link you found? or got phished?

no one access my phone or computer
the security should be my key or fingerprint or the 12 words
No one of that were compromised

If the security was broken because you touch a button in a normal site thats not security
No porn no random link

I mean…Binance for example send me SMS and emails before each movement
This TW people speaks about security but someone gets into the wallet and emptied without making any alert

I am very very angry with them and will continue making this situation public so the people knows and be aware
You can not trust in TW

i guess what i’m asking is it’s possible you signed something on some dapp somewhere that you shouldnt have. tons of people use trust wallet. if it wasnt secure, it would be way more ppl getting hacked. There are also a ton of scammers out there acting as ‘support’ who are just there to steal your funds.