Unable to Create ASA on betanet (2.0.8)

I am unable to create a new ASA on betanet. I am running goal -v 2.0.8.dev [HEAD] (commit #5d2626dc)

This works on testnet:

./goal asset create --creator TestAccount --total 10000 --name myAsset -d testnet_data

However, when I try it on betanet:

./goal asset create --creator BetaAccount --total 10000 --name myAsset -d betanet_data

Cannot construct transaction: asset name myAsset too long (max 0 bytes)

I’m fairly confident it should allow 32 bytes based on the value in config.go defined in protocol v18 but I’m unable to find an “info” command to display the protocol parameters within goal.

Has anyone been able to create an asset on betanet since the reset a couple of days back? I’m almost sure I was able prior to the reset using goal -v 2.0.6.beta (but obviously that blockchain is gone).

Perhaps related, I’m unclear on the goal naming conventions. I checked out the most recent tag for beta at rel/beta-2.0.8 and built it using make install and it returns as it version 2.0.8.dev [HEAD] (commit #5d2626dc). Notice it ends in .dev whereas I was expecting it end in .beta as was the case with 2.0.7 and earlier builds. Is this causing my asset create error for some reason?

Hi @ryanRfox,

The version of goal that you should have for working with betanet is 2.0.8.beta :

2.0.8.beta [rel/beta] (commit #5d2626dc)
go-algorand is licensed with AGPLv3.0
source code available at https://github.com/algorand/go-algorand

Please make sure to avoid mixing up devnet, betanet and testnet binaries. I don’t know what the outcome of these would be.

Regarding the compiling off the rel/beta-2.0.8, I don’t know if that’s the source of the asset creation failure. But I can assure you that it’s the source code used to generate the published binary…

Unless you have any special need, I would suggest you’ll use the published binary, as it allow us to better consolidate the release feedback.

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The issue was with my goal binary. Building from rel/beta produces the latest binaries for beta (as expected). I’ll have to investigate the make process more closely. It seems odd that checking out a specific tag, such as git checkout rel/beta-2.0.8 and using make install will build the dev binaries.

Good news! I’m able to issue ASA on betanet.