Unity3d Game Development on Algorand [SDK] problem

Hello Algorand Community,
I am working on a game with Unity(3D) and I am struggling to make use of the Algorand C# SDK…Has anyone here worked on a game on Algorand with Unity3d using the C# SDK? Would love to get some help on it.

This should help… we just published it.

I have not looked at this one yet, but here is also a unity SDK as well. GitHub - CareBoo/unity-algorand-sdk: An Algorand SDK for Unity. Use the Algorand blockchain in your video game.

Appreciate any feedback on either of these.


Thank you Russ!! Will check it out

After importing the plugins containing the Algorand SDK dlls, I get the following error messages.

Post this in the net-sdk channel in Algorand discord server. It you are not a member, join here:

tag Vytek#1391 that is who wrote the tutorial, Enrico Spernaza.

I removed Version Control, which is found in Windows>Package Manager. And it fixed my multiple Newtonsoft.Json.dll errors. I will add a notice in my github repo to warning about this issue. Let us know all works.

See you, Enrico