What is the purpose of this Forum

Does the Foundation / Inc (apart from the tech team), address any of the issues concerning adoption, sponsorships, accountability, runway etc.?

Or is the “Forum” just another echo chamber set up that is a one sided post amongst tokenholders?

How does one get any resonse from any of the management team in regards to the above topics? Please do not say email them because its been done and they do not like receiving emails questioning their KPI and authority on any matters.

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Massimo and Adri respond to things about Governance, and certainly read it. Anything outside of governance typically gets ignored.


its the bear marke and prices are falling which is reasonable, but with the money they are spending we are getting no adoption. the Foundation is hurting Alogrand instead of promoting adoption. its a pity the community has no voice on anything part from choosing pre-determined A or B in governance and getting ignored on everything important.

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I’ve always viewed the forum as an alternative medium for the community to discuss issues - technical or not - that are of interest and ask questions or seek input from the community. Algorand and AF also use it to reach out on specific topics. For example, I rely on it as a tool to get the community’s perspective when we are working on the governance measures, I review the feedback and edit them when possible, before uploading the to the gov website.


Short of posting 0-Algo transactions to the blockchain and writing out text in the transaction notes, it’s the only social media-neutral platform for discussing Algorand.