Who are the well-known Algorand Governors?


Just curious if Algorand is planning on offering a list of governors who are well-known/contributed to the network or in finance in general? Who are the well-known Algorand Governors? Most favorite community & VCs/institutions known to be supporting the network with specific task(s)?

Below is an example of the Hedera’s (HBAR) Global Governing Council found in Reddit. The structure of Algorand council or list of groups definitely don’t have to be same as Hedera’s ofc, but I thought this is a great way to let existing as well as outside investors visualize the big players and see how supportive the network is in terms of reputation and strong dev. teams but also sign of sustainable liquidity for funding, etc. If desired, we can potentially categorize into retail/community and institution-oriented governor lists depending on assigned duties; even “collaborate” voting powers for a same cause similar to how other PoS networks sustain themselves.

Maybe the upcoming xGovernor system will have any insight on this?