xGov-16 V2 Dotty the DeFi Lottery

Author Kejon Fubler (PaxSomnius)

Category dApps

Focus Area Gaming

Open-Source Undecided

ALGO Requested 1

A dedicated permissionless secure high odds lottery webapp running on the Algorand blockchain

Link for details

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It seems the ALGO Requested is 2000, not 1 @Adri

That said, their website looks alright. I wouldn’t be a user, but for the amount requested, I could support this as I know that these types of dApps do attract quite a few users. I would want the randomness verified if possible by someone more qualified than myself xD

since you state in your docs that the “app will remain centralized” we have to trust when we send you money that you will follow the rules and pay out. especially without it using VRF i dont see how people could trust the platform enough

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I re-read this proposal and realized this is a lottery dApp, and the foundation can’t fund gambling-related projects. I’ll have to ask them to withdraw.

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Thanks for evaluating. Projects like these aren’t going to help crypto’s reputation. Your diligence gives me much hope!

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