xGov 203: WARN..SCAM bot retroactive & txn fees (on-chain scam warnings)

Retroactive & transaction fee funding request for the WARN…SCAM bot.

WARN6…6SCAM has been “dusting” warnings to recipients of “scam dusting” transactions since October 2022. This proposal requests some funding retroactively for the service that has been provided already, with 10,000 ALGO going to the bot account for transaction fees.

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Most relevant sections:

Present Proposal

Since October 2022, WARN…SCAM has delivered 5,244,514 warning transactions to 319,416 addresses (current as of April 25th, 2024.)

Three types of warning notes are sent:

  • Generic “beware of links” note: “Do NOT trust random transaction notes - NEVER follow links from them. (We think you just got one). Bookmark important URLs and keep your wallet safe.”
  • Confirmed scam warning: “The airdrop site you were just spammed with is a KNOWN phishing site attempting to scam you. Do NOT connect or give your phrase to that site!”
  • Confirmed scam warning with identified target: “The transaction you just received a KNOWN phishing scam impersonating Defly. Do NOT connect or give your phrase to that site!”

The few legitimate projects that do send links in transaction notes are excluded with a manually curated list.

WARN…SCAM runs through my private network of nodes through a highly available load balancer. The most transactions per hour were recorded on March 27th, 2024: approx. 62,000 sent between 4 and 5 AM UTC.

The transaction fees so far have been mostly funded by individual community members who responded to a call for donations after the funds I provided were depleted.


WARN…SCAM has been active since October 2022. It has been continuously iterated and fine-tuned to adapt to the changing nature of on-chain dusting attacks.

Of the requested amount, 10,000 ALGO will be allocated to the WARN…SCAM bot account to fund transactions.

The proposal does not include open-sourcing the code, as that would provide a blueprint for scammers to evade it.

I intend to keep running the bot as long as it is funded. If I am unable to do so, I will either find an alternative operator to continue, or open source the code.

For full details please see:


Any questions or feedback about this? Going to be setting the status to final today or tomorrow.

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You have my vote @d13co !

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I would like to request a opt-out feature so I can exclude some of my wallets from “double” the spam. I appreciate your work so far, yes from me.


Congrats on passing!


Congrats on your proposal approval! Very cool :slight_smile: