xGov-7 Livestream Integration

Author Christian Casini (@Niftgen)

Category dApps

Focus Area Social

Open-Source No

ALGO Requested 192000

One of the main features we want to implement for Niftgen is live stream integration.

Mechanics of the live stream feature:
Creators can live stream on Niftgen. While live streaming on Niftgen, creators can simultaneously broadcast on YouTube. Users will have the option to watch the live stream on Niftgen or YouTube. Users that watch the live stream on Niftgen will earn POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol). Users with a certain amount of POAPs can access features/events in the future.

If the user watches the live stream on YouTube, a link in the description will redirect them to Niftgen. To watch the live stream on Niftgen, they must create an account. For Web3 natives, connecting an existing wallet or creating a new one will be straightforward.

Those new to Web3 (Web2 users) can sign up with email and password using Niftgen’s Magic Link integration. It creates an Algrorand-based wallet for them on the backend. Since users will not have to create wallets and write down seed phrases, traditional Web2 content creators can seamlessly bring their audiences into Web3.

Link for details

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Given the relatively small user-base, the amount requested, and my own sense of priority for how to spend my xGov voting power, I can’t see upvoting this proposal. I would very much like to see projects like this succeed, but there are so many factors making this difficult at this time. The proposal mentions several times that a focus on gaming and music-related streaming/simulcasting will drive new adoption to Algorand, but the currently the mainstream gaming culture still rejects Web3, and until the process is less apart of the UX and more on the backend I don’t see this changing much.

since discussion should be on here i will repost my comment and the answer to it

Comment by me:
"why is algorand needed to make niftgen work? the only thing that you want to use seems to be POAPs which are fine but i dont see how that should people onboard onto Algorand

how do you think to compete against the big live streaming platforms? what can you offer creators that others like twitch, youtube, kick,…, cant? why should i as a user come and watch things on niftgen when i can go to a mature platform like youtube where apparently the same content will be livestreamed on?

in my honest opinion it feels like a web2 project that wants to be affiliated with web3 but doesnt really benefit from web3"

"Thank you for your feedback.

Here is a bit more clarification:
The way Niftgen and the creators make money is through subscriptions. Those subscriptions are all on chain. Users are reward for their engagement with a utility token ( no monetary value) that can used to access features.

We are not telling creators to stop using Twitch or YouTube. Creators use YouTube / Twitch to get discovered, but then bring their followers over to Niftgen to access exclusive content. Patroon is a more accurate competitor.

The way Niftgen benefits from web 3 is because users are actually rewarded for engaging with content. On web 2 video platforms, your are just a passive user."

New comment by me:
People are talking a lot about being rewarded for doing stuff through web3 but i personally dont see why i should go to niftgen when the functionality it offers isnt superior to the original website and thats not an easy task. i just want to watch the content and dont need to be rewarded for doing so

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I saw this, thanks for reposting here! This is really the crux of the issue. There is so much competition in this space and it seems like this is asking people to use two different platforms to accommodate, which I don’t feel like most people will do. Patreon uses this same model, as they say, but you’re talking about a small subsection of YT who use Patreon. Now take that and marginalize it even further by adding in web3 complications and overcoming the hurdles there and account for how many more content creators YT has vs YT + Niftgen. My information is that there are currently very very very few active content creators currently on the platform and I can’t see this being the thing that turns that around unfortunately.