XGov term pool 3

Hello, i am wondering when term pool 3 will show up on my status page on the xGov portal? Is it possible the xGov term 3 funds have been distributed and something has gone wrong?

Hi, all the transfers have been made successfully, this is the xGov Term Pool 3 address:
We are double-checking the info and in the next few days we are going to make them public. For future reference, you can find all Governance (and not only) related addresses here.


xGov Term pools are funded on the same day governance rewards are paid. Then the info needs to be connect with the xGov portal, it usually happens within 2 (working) days after the rewards payment.

These systems all need manual inputs currently, so things take a little bit longer, because we have lots of checks along the way to ensure we minimise errors.

Hi just posting to say I can see my xgov “rewards” in term pool 3 on my xgov webgui now. Ive gone into this term with a bigger stake than the past two and was initially worried. I guess I hadn’t noticed the xgov term pools showing up in the gui at a different time to the normal governance rewards. Thanks for clarifying

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