Ask for help, do i need to update the algorand software to run goal asset?

I installed algorand on an ubuntu18.04TLS cloud server, following the instruction on
It should be a DEB or RPM, it is said to be updated automatically, and the the data is in /var/lib/algorand.

When I try to run ‘goal asset’, (as what I tried in betanet), it says, unknown command “asset” for “goal”

Do i need to upgrade the algorand packages mannually, or reinstall the whole system?


~# goal asset
Error: unknown command “asset” for “goal”

oh, it seems on the betanet only? maybe will be adapted on the mainnet later.

Yes, you need to upgrade to 2.0.x. Testnet and Mainnet have goal asset available now.

Thanks @David

I have reinstalled the whole system, and now the version is 2.0.1.stable. Nice!

~# goal asset
Manage assets

goal asset [flags]
goal asset [command]