Cannot Restore or Mirror Algorand Wallet account to alternate Ledger Nano X if Ledger 25th word / passphrase used to create "hidden" account

Hello Support,

I have been using the Algorand Wallet iOS app backed with Ledger Nano X. I recently created a passphrase using the 25th word for added security. I then re-keyed my Algorand Wallet account to the new 25th word / passphrase protected Ledger Nano X device.

I have attempted to recover/restore that Ledger account with the 24 word seed and 25th word passphrase to a new Nano X device with no success after several attempts (watched tutorials and followed instructions step by step). I also did a test run to try to “mirror” that Nano X device to a backup Nano X device using the exact same 24 words seed phrase and 25th word password to no avail. Has Algorand support heard about this issue?

If a Ledger Nano was unavailable due to loss or damage and it was not possible to recover or mirror the Ledger backed Algorand Wallet account with 25th word passphrase, that would be a major issue that the community should be alerted to ASAP.

I look forward to your feedback.

The Algorand 25 word mnemonics are different and not 24-word BIP39 seeds like the Ledger uses.
I’d suggest voting on this issue: Add ability to recover from Ledger BIP39 seed and get Algorand compatible wallet. · Issue #2124 · algorand/go-algorand · GitHub