Changing status of account

I have assigned participation keys and created both wallet and account … but when i try to change status of the account online I get msg: Wallet not found

Anybody knows fix?

Its on Ubuntu

Hi Imres,

Can you share the command you are using? Have you specified the name of the wallet with the -w flag?


imre@imre-Macmini:~$ goal account changeonlinestatus -d /var/lib/algorand -a 5L4FQFYSHLXHQIJNAWKSHLFODQSRYR2GARAUI2A35KCVFDMFBE3KBHBTTE -o -w minialgo
Wallet ‘minialgo’ not found

But now I did chown and it seems it shall be working, though I missing algos on this account, despite the fact I have sent some like an hour ago

Couldn’t sign tx: HTTP 400 Bad Request: TransactionPool.Remember: TransactionPool.Remember: Insufficient funds - The total pending transactions from the address require 1000 microAlgos but the account only has 0 microAlgos (for multisig accounts, write tx to file and sign manually)

I just sent some funds to your account through testnet bank. Perhaps the first one didn’t go through. Can you try now?

it seems I found the issue … since my SYNC is currently behind due to network issues - because when i checked algoexplorer transaction is there at block [1269354]

so i will wait a bit and let you know

now I have another issue, which I am unable to solve:

my previous participation key was from 500000 to 600000, so its invalid now

when I try to get new one - its successfull, but when trying to go online algo can not find key ???

see below for commands …

imre@imre-Macmini:~$ sudo goal account addpartkey -a 5L4FQFYSHLXHQIJNAWKSHLFODQSRYR2GARAUI2A35KCVFDMFBE3KBHBTTE --roundFirstValid 700000 --roundLastValid 900000 -d /var/lib/algorand
Participation key generation successful

imre@imre-Macmini:~$ goal account changeonlinestatus -d /var/lib/algorand -a 5L4FQFYSHLXHQIJNAWKSHLFODQSRYR2GARAUI2A35KCVFDMFBE3KBHBTTE -o -w minialgoromo
Couldn’t find a participation key database for address 5L4FQFYSHLXHQIJNAWKSHLFODQSRYR2GARAUI2A35KCVFDMFBE3KBHBTTE valid at round 750215 in directory /var/lib/algorand/mainnet-v1.0

any clue how to proceed?

It looks like your range is wrong. The current round is past 900000

Jason is right.

Also, side note, I’m seeing now that you’re on MainNet so the TestNet funds from previous messages wouldn’t be relevant here of course.

now I get: imre@imre-Macmini:~$ goal node status -d /var/lib/algorand
Cannot contact Algorand node: Get dial tcp connect: connection refused.

BTW will send you those algos back once I manage to run the node online