Find out where the tokens are ? ^^

Hi there i wanted to ask everyone if you guys had the same issues as i had on Yieldly. When then the Opul stacking was not closed i have made a transaction of 16 algos into that pool. Got my rewards and stuff. But it seems like i have never got back my tokens. The 16 are gone. I mean it is not a big deal but i am just trying to understand what could have happened to me ^^

I have joined you a picture with the adresse and the Tx of the transaction can someone try to help me find out what’s going on ? Thanks in advance. Sorry if my english is making you blind i am french and trying my best :slight_smile:

There is the address i have sent the token’s to : Y74RXNAUAZT2U5PD57Y22NVU6UPW5WNLRLHA763EE5IJSLSJXRAX6YY4OE

and the link of the algo explorer following the transaction i am talking you about. Maybe i forget a protocol i have used in the past and my token are still locked up on it or i don’t know : Algorand Transaction

Thank’s everyone how is going to try at least have a good night or day depends on when you read this

Welcome to Algorand! If nobody gives you an answer there, you may try to link this post in the Discord of Yiedly.