How to recover my wallet with 24 word mnemonic

I made my Algorand wallet using the coinomi app that has been offline for a few days. Now I need to redeem my coins and I can’t.
I used a mnemonic of 24 words with bip39 Passphrase, I am not finding another wallet to open my account. Most only accept 25 words and those that accept 24 do not support bip39 Passphrase
With Bitcoin and Ethereum I was able to open the account with only the public and private key. I also have the private key for my algorand address but I still couldn’t find a way to use this data and send my coins.

Disclaimer: Never share you mnemonic phrase with anyone.

I’m not familiar with the coinomi app, nor how they generated the private key used to form your Algorand address. The following documentation describes the protocol for generating an Algorand address based based on BIP39 (24 words + 1 checksum). Perhaps you can use your 24 words (lookup the corresponding bits) to calculate the 25th and recover your private key using the CLI Tools:

goal account import "your twenty five word mnemonic goes here ..."

That will store your key within kmd.

I re-read the OP. It seems you have the keyfile with your private key. You should be able to import that with another CLI Tool:

algokey import <keyfile>

That will also store your private key within kmd. You may then use goal to sign transactions.

I don´t have the keyfile, i just have the private key printed on a paper
I have this private key of the address that i deposit my coins, I also have the master private key and the mnemonic 24 words with bip 39 passphrase. All of these keys could open but i can’t because none of the wallets I tested accept this keys except coinomi that is down.

hm. Algorand accounts are using 25 words, where the last word is a checksum.

It should be possible to ignore the 25th word, but the existing tooling doesn’t have that feature.
( i.e. it would also mean that algokey won’t be able to do any validation for that account )

Coinomi is not using Algorand 25-word mnemonics.
It is instead using their own version of BIP39.

They provide a tool to recover the Algorand secret key from their 24-word passphrase: (you need to download the zip file from the release page and open the file bip39-standalone.html from the zip file.)

Important note: I did not review the security of the tool above nor of the process below. You are fully responsible to review that both satisfy the security guarantees you need.

After entering your passphrase, you will get a list of Algorand addresses and secret keys (like 0d9cbee592b839f58814b84a77122d3d5939e745c328de99851a617b82e02598)
To recover the normal 25-word mnemonic from the hexadecimal secret key, you may run in the terminal:

$ echo -n 0d9cbee592b839f58814b84a77122d3d5939e745c328de99851a617b82e02598 | xxd -r -p > key
$ algokey export -f key
Private key mnemonic: like whip index matrix inflict diary picture retreat true endorse notable need increase keep boss churn design biology minute render agent join scorpion above roast

Disclaimer: Typing passphrases and private keys on a computer may open you to attacks that are not possible on the Coinomi hardware. Algorand makes no representations regarding the functioning or security of third party wallets, exchanges, or tools mentioned in the answer above, and disclaims any liability therefor. You are fully responsible for the security and the availability of your keys.


Fabrice, it worked, tks very much for your help. :smiley:

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I entered it in the terminal of my PC running linux didnt work. Any help is much appreciated.

Can you try it on a fake passphrase (not you real passphrase - this would be dangerous), indicate each step you did, and post every message you see?

A:~ echo -n 0d9cbee592b839f58814b84a77122d3d5939e745c328de99851a617b82e02598 | xxd -r -p > key A:~ algokey export -f key
bash: algokey: command not found

I got it to work with the Exodus wallet. You can import your keys through the exodus wallet. Thanks for the response.

I see you managed to solve the issue another way. But for the sake of completeness, the issue was that you need to install the Algorand node software. See Algorand Developer Docs (you don’t need to run the node, but you need to have the software installed).

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please, you can make a video, I don’t undesrtand what key I have to use, there are many adresses, I have termux but doesn’t work for me

I am struggling
I was mugged last week and had my phone stolen
I was directed to this to find help as I screwed up and only write down 24 words, and I’m locked out

I literally have no idea how a program like this works

Can you help me please

Can you help me please I’m really stuck I was robbed of my phone and I did not write down the 25th word
I have 24