How to verify my registration is qualified for Staking Rewards Program

Hi help,

I have run home NAS/ARM64 node on Algorand mainnet_v1, after running command “goal clerk send -a 1 -f VNPQ4T7J2IKH4URPYTN3UGUN7JRSRKXTMDJ7GBLYY5LO665FA2WC3AG37I -t ZGP25YTZL3NF43SQZREMH5BRBTJEXHWPL6TSQDCGJWPEN4XJTIHVOZSOLA -d ~/node/data”
, when & how can I check whether my account registration is within first 200 million Algos across the registered wallets.


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Hi Larry,

Yes, you are registered.


if you weren’t in the first 200M Algos the amount next to your account would have been zero.
( i.e. look on your account and than scroll down )


Great, thanks Tsachi.