Is it possible to generate two assets with the same name?

Hi everybody. I am trying to generate two assets that have the same unit name and asset name but different metadata hash. Every time I try, however, the metadata hash of the first asset is overwritten by the second. is there any way around this problem?

UPDATE: Using algoexplorer I realized that the asset has the correct metadatahash field, but if I go to search for them with the indexer by performing a search based on the unit name or the asset name I get the wrong result

None of the asset fields are ensured to be unique.
Multiple assets can have the same name, metadata hash, unit name, …

The only way to uniquely identify an asset is by its asset ID.

When you type the asset name in the search bar, show you all the assets with this name.
See screenshot below where I am searching for assets named “tiger” on TestNet:

When I search indexer using name=tiger, I get all four of those back as well.