Max 1000 asa in address

I’ve heard right that this limit is going to be deleted?
Thanks in advance

Yes, this limit is already deleted on BetaNet:

Should be coming very soon on TestNet and MainNet.

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Since this is related to the 10 apps per account limit as well, any idea when this will be widely available on TestNet? I’m still seeing the (apps) limit on algonode and algoexplorer TestNets.

The upgrade has been approved on both TestNet and MainNet.

To check for example on TestNet which round it will actually take place, query the status of a TestNet node. For example, using API service:

$ curl -s | jq
  "catchpoint": "",
  "catchpoint-acquired-blocks": 0,
  "catchpoint-processed-accounts": 0,
  "catchpoint-total-accounts": 0,
  "catchpoint-total-blocks": 0,
  "catchpoint-verified-accounts": 0,
  "catchup-time": 0,
  "last-catchpoint": "",
  "last-round": 20585120,
  "last-version": "",
  "next-version": "",
  "next-version-round": 20672376,
  "next-version-supported": true,
  "stopped-at-unsupported-round": false,
  "time-since-last-round": 1228569098

(jq is just here to pretty print)

You see the next version will start at round 20672376

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This is very helpful: thank you :pray: