Passphrase security


I’ve got a question around passphrase security. Given this is stored with the mobile wallet app (i.e based on that fact you’re able to see it when you log back into the wallet app), is there any inbuilt security within the app that prevent other apps installed in the phone from reading this info?

Of couse, wee all wait for Algorand’s official answer.

In the meantime I tell you my pratice: I installed Algorand wallet in “Secure Folder”.
I think this makes it difficult for the hacker to steal the passphrase. But it is still possible,
when you run the app, I think.

The real solution is to use a HW wallet - see e.g. Ledger’s Nano wallets.
The Nano X can be used together with the Algorand wallet.
But even the smaller Nano S can be used together with the Ledger Live app, using USB. The Ledger is capable of handling Algorand.