problem to transfer cryptocurrency to cold wallet in node

Hi there,

problem to transfer cryptocurrency to cold wallet in node

I have installed an algorand node in default mode on the mainnet network.

In order to activate transactions in online and offline mode, it is seen that it is necessary to transfer at least 1 ALGO to the accounts associated with the cold wallet.

I have made a cryptocurrency transfer registered in

The thing is that I don’t see the income in the balance of the cold portfolio accounts.

03:11:23 {m.hqq@brynhildr-001 data $} 0 # goal account list
Please enter the password for wallet 'brynhildr':
[offline] brynhildr-003 KDQKYEGLO52M3HP3AVIHLRYZOA4DHMZDUH2FGB2KTPYX4WJMCQZ673G7SQ 0 microAlgos
[offline] Unnamed-0 EDPKHE2GIWQYHPWJFYCFTXDXNTXCJW6KUL4KWOE4JNWYP3LOI2GU2HBTVM 0 microAlgos [2/3 multisig]
03:11:36 {m.hqq@brynhildr-001 data $} 0 # goal account balance --wallet brynhildr-001 --address WXHGVZUHIRVGINTLQA54UQFPTO4NDHHWP55FML7XDZTTURXBDX3UIEFQKU
0 microAlgos

03:13:12 {m.hqq@brynhildr-001 data $} 1 # curl -X GET http://$(cat $ALGORAND_DATA/ -H "X-Algo-API -Token: $(cat $ALGORAND_DATA/algod.token)" | jsonformat
  % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed ​​Time Time Time Current
                                 Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 451 100 451 0 0 64428 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 75166
    "amount": 0,
    "amount-without-pending-rewards": 0,
    "apps-local-state": [],
    "apps-total-schema": {
        "num-byte-slice": 0,
        "num-uint": 0
    "assets": [],
    "created-apps": [],
    "created-assets": [],
    "min-balance": 100000,
    "pending-rewards": 0,
    "reward-base": 91111,
    "rewards": 0,
    "round": 4132336,
    "status": "Offline",
    "total-apps-opted-in": 0,
    "total-assets-opted-in": 0,
    "total-created-apps": 0,
    "total-created-assets": 0

Please, can you help me or indicate me a documentation that I can follow.

Thank you very much for your time.

Welcome to Algorand!

The most common issues are:

  • your node is not synced: run goal node status and verify that the Sync Time is 0, and the last round/block matches
  • your node is on the wrong network: run goal node status and verify you’re on MainNet
  • your node is not up to date: run goal version -v and check it is the latest non-BetaNet version according to Releases · algorand/go-algorand · GitHub

Additional comments:

  • I’ve edited your post to write the command line output in triple backquotes ``` which improved readability
  • About

Actually you only need 0.1 Algo, not 1 Algo for the account to appear on the blockchain