Running my own node

I need help with setting up my node. I had the node setup up successfully but noticed I was having some errors and decided to setup the node again and ran into an error.

This is where i am having a challenge. tar -xf install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz this command is not executing rather is returning “Error opening archive: Failed to open 'install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz”

I need help with this ASAP

My guess is that your file install_master_darwain-amd64.tar.gz is corrupted. Download it again from

You can check the content of the file by running (and checking the output - this is the output for today, please compare with for the latest checksum)

$ shasum -a 256 install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz
97dcb37c1758e4891e44a5ea7ed58fede5c87a8b6ac0cbb086f07d9f153eb68b  install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz

still not running. It is still returning “command not found: install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz”

That output doesn’t make much sense.
command not found would be output if the program you’re trying to run wasn’t found - ie: shasum.
The installxxx is an argument to the shasum command - if that file is found it’ll output the checksum.

If it says command not found for install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz that means you’re trying to run that, by itself. It’s a TAR file, not an executable. You download it, un-tar it with the tar command (with the correct path to where you downloaded that tar file of course) and then go from there.
A lot of the alogrand commands assume a familiarity with the command-line and general linux commands.

I followed the step by step guide and if it didnt work its none of my fault. Like I stated, I installed the node previously and I had some error, I had to delete the node and trying to re-install I had those challenge.

@Steviekusu can you provide the url you are following on the setup node that is not working? Also, as for “command not found: install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz” sounds like either the path needs modifying or you need to specifically put in the directory names. what is your environment you are installing to? MacOS?

@fabrice was able to help me out but I am using MacOS and this is the Url