Error trying to set up a new node on ubuntu

when i copy the above and paste…i get no such file or directory?

need assistance to sort this thanks

Hi Yemo,

You have to create the directories first. Did you first make the necessary directories as is recommended? If not:

  1. First create a temporary install directory. From your home dir type mkdir inst
  2. Then go back to your home dir ~ and type mdkir node. This will create the node directory.
  3. Then cd into the node directory and do mdkir data.

Download the install_master_linux-amd64.tar.gz move it into the ~/inst directory you just created and unzip the package tar -xf install_master_linux-amd64.tar.gz
You can find the instructions here:

tried it all and still same error. i followed the instruction and did mkdir inst, followed by cd inst


but still same error

Yemo, do not copy and paste the link that you show. You should first download the install_master_linux-amd64.tar.gz file from the site that I gave you above. Then you move it into the inst folder. And then you unzip it.

i get it now but i am trying to set up the node on google cloud…can you help with how to? thanks

What OS are you using on the node? We are going to be pushing out a deb/rpm set of installs very shortly.

OS is ubuntu 18.04 but using Google cloud service ( ECS). i was able to set up the node using docker image, just having challenges configuring it as a private network, set up wallet and also get a partcipation.

OK. In the very very near future we will have a debian package that should work with ubuntu, so you will not have use docker. Are you wanting to do a private network or one that participates on our TestNet? Private networks are meant to be able to test your applications before pushing them to TestNet.

thanks. i only want to run a participation node only

In that case there is no need to setup a private network. Is the node you installed with docker running?
you should be able to type in the command ./goal node status -d data to test.

yes, it was running

dont i need to attach a wallet address or that is not necessary?

You will need to create a wallet and an account. For TestNet you can then use our dispenser to add some funds to that account. What output did the node status command give you? It first needs to sync with the network this will take some time. I am fully synched and my output looks like:

Jasons-MacBook-Pro:node jason$ ./goal node status -d data
Last committed block: 198489
Time since last block: 2.4s
Sync Time: 0.0s
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:
Round for next consensus protocol: 198490
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Genesis ID: testnet-v38.0
Genesis hash: 4HkOQEL2o2bVh2P1wSpky3s6cwcEg/AAd5qlery942g=

Once synched to create a wallet run this command
To add account you use the goal account new command
make user to specify -d data on both of these commands. On the second you use the -w command and specify the name of the wallet you just created
The account will return an address. You can copy that address and then use the TestNet dispenser to add funds to the account:

thanks…i shut it down since i wasnt getting it.

will set it up again and this is more informative. thanks

OK will just post back on this thread when you do

Thanks and i have made advancement.

the address shows offline but getting rewards, i wanted to change it to online , i get no participation key for the account.

i tried goal account addpartkey but asked i set --roundFirstValid uint and --roundLastValid uint

how do i set the above?


OK so you have the account with funds now. To take online you need to create the part key using the add partkey. You can use the goal node status command to see what is the current network round. For me that is 203780. So put that in for the roundFirstValid and add around 1000 or more rounds to that for the roundLastValid parameter. The addpartkey command creates the participation key but then the final thing to do is to take the account online. That is done with the changeonlinestatus command:
It should show the status change immediately but there is a 320 round delay built in for taking an account online or offline.

done. Thanks

appreciate the assistance

what is the difference between offline and online?

An online account is participating in consensus and an offline account does not.

meaning online is archival and offline is non-archival? is this right

will participation nodes also need to stake? cant see the command to do that except that will be stated later or is that the use of goal clerk (saw this in create a private network tutorial)

No. Archival means your node saves all the blocks locally. Non archival’s only save like the last 300 blocks. By taking an account on line the node is participating with that one account. The node can handle many accounts. You do not have have to participate at all the be reading blocks though.