Seeking advice on mobile app for tipping artists

Hi. I’m new here. I am interested in building a simple community tipping app for android and iOS. Basically, you see someone or something you want to tip, you scan their QR code and then send them a dollar denominated amount. Most people won’t know or won’t care if the tech is blockchain or not, they just want to send a tip fast and easy with almost zero fees.

Ideally, the app would allow you to access an account with stablecoins (e.g. USDC) and then transfer the user-specified amount to QR code address of the recipient. Also, it would allow you to refill your account with more stablecoins using a credit card when your balance ran low.

So, now I’m asking for advice: How would you implement such an app? Which framework/platform/language/sdk would you use to build an android app? an iOS app?

Thanks. Go Algorand!

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Why not just use something like venmo then? Or build something using an api like Stripe? Not trying to discourage you from building this on blockchain, just trying to understand what your goal is.

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about developing on blockchain yet but my day job is iOS engineer

Hi. Thanks for your question!

In the case of Stripe, they seem to have a standard pricing of 2.9% + $0.30. This is a non-starter for my use-case: I want to tip street mural artists $0.50 when I’m walking down the street in a new neighborhood or new city. Just scan the QR code on the wall, tap, and go.

In the case of Venmo, they don’t currently charge a fee to send money from within their app (if you link your bank account). Great. Except I am forced to use their app specifically since they deprecated their API. I want to use my own app, which would do things like pull up links to an artist bio, comments on the mural, etc. So, the user has to leave the art app, go to venmo, then comeback. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Venmo starts charging a fee at some point, so that would blow up the model.

Finally, I can see this functionality being broadly useful for a range of situations that would improve community in the city I live in.

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