Stolen algo from Pera wallet

I guess I would like to say I consider my self pretty new at crypto. I have only been in it for about two years doing my research and reading a lot. This situation I am lost as what to do. Any help is much appreciated. TYIA

So I wake up this morning there were two transactions from my Pera wallet and I find all but 8 of my algo out of my 9.78k gone. Also 20000 of my chip coin gone.

I don’t know if anything can be done to get it back but if I can stop someone else from losing it like me I would like to try.

I have not gone on my Pera wallet in a few months as I got tired of watching the price dip everyday :joy:. Two days ago I went on my wallet and saw a coin I didn’t recognize. I hit the trash button to get rid of it and saw there was a .01 transaction fee to erase it but didn’t think much of it. Then this morning this happened. I’m wondering if this had something to do with it?

I can upload pictures or wallet addresses in comments or in messages if anyone has any idea what I can do.

Based on the responses on Reddit, looks like you took a photo of your seed phrase at one point. I’m guessing that is how people gained access to your wallet. Unfortunately, I don’t see how you would get anything back at this point. Crypto is still the wild west, and malicious actors are prevalent in the space.

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The fact that you received a new ASA/coin seems to indicate that your wallet was already compromised then: indeed, only you can add new coins to your wallet.
The fact that deleting an ASA costs 0.001 Algo is normal and should not have triggered by itself any bad behaviour.