Tutoring dApp for students

Anyone thought about making a tutoring dapp?

Tutors could get paid in TUTOR tokens.

The bigger their tutoring pool is the more rewards they would get.

Tutors would provide lessons and then test or quiz the student on a subject to let them know they are learning or ready to take a real exam.

Students that pass the tutor’s courses get rewarded with an NFT OR NFC (Non-fungible certificates)
The more students are rewarded the more it helps with incentivizing the tutor.

Maybe have tiers of nft’s/nfc’s.
The higher the tier you go or the more you advance in your studies, you will recieve STUDENT tokens…

The student/tutor tokens can be staked and the dapp will hold the reserves to help grow the platform.

Maybe charge a small premium of ALGO/STBL, so the devs wont have to rely solely on selling tokens when they need funds.

The main thing is to help students (elementary to university) out with their studies.
Maybe even provide some coding courses. The devs themselves could be tutors.