Xgov-114 - Thurstober Claims - Easily Create and Claim Atomic Swaps

Easily Claim and Create Atomic Swap with this new tool for The Laboratory (formerly Evil Tools)

id: 114
period: 3
title: Thurstober Claims - Atomic Swap Creation and Redemption
author: Joseph Glenn (@loafpickleWW)
discussions-to: xgov-114 - Thurstober Claims - Easily Create and Claim Atomic Swaps by LoafPickleWW · Pull Request #114 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub
company_name: Thurstober Digital Studios
category: Tools
focus_area: User Onboarding
open_source: Yes
amount_requested: 20000
status: Final


Easily Claim and Create Atomic Swap with this new tool for The Laboratory (formerly Evil Tools)


The team at Thurstober Digital Studios (xGov Periods 1 and 2 Awardees):

LoafPickle - Project Manager. I have 10 years of Project Management experience working in NYC on large scale construction projects. In addition, I am a long timer in the Algorand NFT Space and have been helping develop utility projects on the chain since May 2021. I am currently the Head of Strategy and Community for Thurstober Digital Studios.

ByKewel - Tool Developer. Kewel is another Algorand NFT long timer that was the first to create wallet holding, sales, and listing discord bots that projects were able to incorporate into the ecosysytem. They also built the first on-chain DAO tool back in February 2022.

Jenna (thurstober) - Project Lead.

Andrew (stablehand) - Lead Developer

Experience with Algorand

All of us have been in the Algorand NFT Space since May 2021. Thurstober Digital Studios has built a full horse racing utility series and our body of work with The Laboratory (Formerly Evil Tools) speaks for itself.
Website: https://thurstober.com/
Laboratory Website: https://labs.thurstober.com/
Wallet Enhancer: https://we.thurstober.com/
Open source Repo: GitHub - thurstober-digital/evil-tools

Present Proposal

A new claims landing page where URL Parameters can be created so people can claim atomic swaps. This was something that was previously in the ecosystem and helped reduce the opt in friction.

In this package, we will support a way for people to create their own atomic swaps and share the link. In addition discord bots and other external sources can tap into the site to create swapable links to create marketplaces or redemptions on the go.

No more need to opt into things manually when this tool can be used to opt in and claim.

Future Blueprint

Build it.

Benefits for the community

The benefits are already being realized. When the myalgo hack went down, we quickly created mass add and send tools with Pera integration so creators and collectors alike were able to efficiently move their assets to safe homes. Since then, we have creators thanking us for providing them the tools we wish we had back in the early days of Algorand NFTs.

Additional information

We had been approved in the first and second xGov Round to build more tools. The tools have since been completed and made open source.

In addition to the tooling, we also provide creator guides that allow new creators to get a lay of the ecosystem to help the onboarding experience. You can find them here: LoafPickle – Medium


Love everything you guys build - I use wallet enhancer almost every week to mass transfer NFTs between wallets, and the ARC36 plans and NFD vault integration are right on my wish list

Question on the easy claim and atomic swap. Is it functionally different to EXA Swap?

And again this might be planned but if not - I’d be interested in if its possible to integrate with a discord giveaway bot and work in unison with AlgoVerify and NFTpal (think I got the names correct)… so that when a giveaway is drawn there was a simple UI to create links for people to claim. Maybe the giveaway bot displayed the winners linked wallet address to admin when the results are drawn which would make it seemless to copy paste into an atomic swap? Or just anything that makes that process more streamlined


If you’re familiar with algo-tx it’s functionally similar to that. We’ll have discord integration so you can have bots create swap links and it directs them to the landing page to claim. Basically what you’re looking for!

We will also have it where a user that can’t code can manually create an atomic swap, similar to atomixswap or swapper, but not as robust of a UI.

The main difference from exa is that’s a SC holding while this is non escrow based. For us it’s the benefit of not having to worry about custodial risk, but the swaps are only valid for 1000 blocks.


That’s good! Yeah as long as it’s functionally different to atomix, swapper, exa swap i’m all for it - esp with discord integration as that’s where I think currently most of the manual opt-in dance goes on still. The 1000 block window definitely hindered my use of those in the past as you always had to sync up with the receiver anyway… especially now the dang blocks keep getting faster

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I know those bastards at Inc keep making things faster.

The nice thing about the automated bot side is the other party is always online to sign that half so it’s pretty easy to line up by executing a command.


Iirc we funded Txn Duck on the previous period (I believe it was just a symbolic amount, but I also think the dev is still working on this)… Is there any other added benefit or is it just the case of two devs building competing products?

This is specific to atomic swaps and isn’t as raw as txn duck. It’s also meant for discord bots to connect to.

We’ll also have a more user friendly interface in mind for manually creating atomic swaps.


Perfect, just double checking, good to hear that there’s a different angle to it!

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My streak of always voting for a Thurstober proposal in Xgov will be safe! :grin: Love the discord integration! Looking forward to using it!


Appreciate the support!


Love all the tools you guys have created in the past and this could be a great addition to further help reduce friction in the ecosystem!


It’s not clear why the community would fund this when there’s already so many swap tools available from EXA and AtomixSwap.

This tool also would also make swaps that expire… that’s a lot worse than EXA, which does not expire. To make this even less needed, I see zero details about enforcing royalties. Royalties are the lifeblood of Algorand, so not including them in this proposal is dangerous.

Finally, why 20,000 ALGO? That’s a LOT of Algo! Can you tell us exactly what the funds are being used for here? Seems like a huge amount of money to create this.

Can you explain how this proposal is different from the trade tool from xGov-113?

This is not a simple swap tool. This is a system that allows for discord bots to connect in and be able to create automatic transactions for the client.

Currently in the ecosystem, if a person wins a giveaway, they need to DM the creator, opt into the asset and the creator sends. With the availability of this tool, a bot can be set up where the person wins the giveaway, the person runs a claim command and a link is generated for the person to claim their prize.

This is good for the growth of the algorand ecosystem as by signing a swap link, opt in friction is reduced to 0, thus making it more welcoming for newcomers.

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Hey Ghost, appreciate the comments.

So 113 was more like what you would see from atomixswap. If you check out my reply above, this is meant to be more like an automated claims page where discord bots can hook in and be able to generate new swaps based on things like who won a giveaway or have in game utility features.

I already have a few devs lined up to start using this once it goes live as it makes things like buying tokens for a bot, minting an asset in a discord bot and claiming it, checking out from a bot that does mining, or having automatic giveaway distribution that much easier. We have found that a lot of discord devs are great at programming the bot, but struggle with web interfaces and this will go a long way to give them the functionality they want for free.

We also intend to build an example discord bot so people can learn how to hook in even easier.

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Thanks for clarifying! I saw this proposal earlier and I didn’t fully understand the implications for the space.

TLDR: $3,200 to build a discord bot that will be used to escrow nfts for people

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We are only building an example bot. Creators and devs across the space can iterate the code into their own systems.

People can also manually set up claims through the site as well.

Interesting take. Is this just a discord bot for swapping NFTs? @LoafPickle

No, it is an API that can be used by the ecosystem to swap/buy ASAs/NFTs.

We will be making a discord bot and Open Sourcing that code to help project developers easily integrate it into their system. This will allow creators to run automatic giveaways and other functions that require a swap through discord or other third party apps without having to go through the process of having to opt in by the end user.

In addition on the website there will also be a way for people to manually make a swap shop that they can share with people.

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Ok, so the API can be used in other platforms other than discord and you are showcasing one of the ways through an open sourced discord bot. But the main focus is the swap/buy feature that any person can build off of to make their own?

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