xGov-180: Thurstober Digital Studios - Open Source, No Code Tools

id: 180
period: 4
title: Thurstober Digital Studios - Open Source, No Code Tools
author: Joseph Glenn (@loafpickleWW)
email: loafpickle@gmail.com
discussions-to: xGov-180: Thurstober Digital Studios - Open Source, No Code Tools by LoafPickleWW · Pull Request #180 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub
company_name: Thurstober Digital Studios
category: Tools
focus_area: User Onboarding
open_source: Yes
funding_type: Proactive
amount_requested: 50000
delivery_date: 2024-09-01
status: Final


Over the last year, our suite of Open Source, No Code tools has seen over 250,000 transactions generated. We want to expand our toolset to focus on areas such as User Onboarding and Rewarding Node Runners. All of the tools, including the website will be fully open source and shared with the ecosystem. We have received xGov Grants for periods 1 and 2 and have followed through on all our commitments.


The team at Thurstober Digital Studios (xGov Periods 1 and 2 Awardees):

Joseph (LoafPickle) - Project Manager. I have 10 years of Project Management experience working in NYC on large scale construction projects. In addition, I am a long timer in the Algorand NFT Space and have been helping develop utility projects on the chain since May 2021. I am currently the Head of Strategy and Community for Thurstober Digital Studios.

ByKewel - Tool Developer. Kewel is another Algorand NFT long timer that was the first to create wallet holding, sales, and listing discord bots that projects were able to incorporate into the ecosysytem. They also built the first on-chain DAO tool back in February 2022.

Jenna (thurstober) - Project Lead. Creator of the Thurstober Digital Studios horse racing series that has seen 1.5 million races initializes and is currently expanded to three blockchains.

Andrew (stablehand) - Lead Developer. Over 20 years developing custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the United States

Experience with Algorand

All of us have been in the Algorand NFT Space since May 2021. Thurstober Digital Studios has built a full horse racing utility series and a suite of open source, no code tools with The Laboratory (Formerly Evil Tools). We have experience working with the SDK, a deep technical knowledge of ARCs, and are node runners.
Website: https://thurstober.com/
Laboratory Website: https://labs.thurstober.com/
Wallet Enhancer: https://we.thurstober.com/
Open source Repo: GitHub - thurstober-digital/evil-tools
Wallet Enhancer Repo: GitHub - algovado/wallet-enhancer: Make it easier to interact with the assets (or NFTs) of Algorand.

Present Proposal

Item 1) NFD Vault Support for Airdrop Tool (New Tool)
This new tool is focused on the new DeFi trend of having people buy an NFD segment and airdropping to those segment holders. By allowing vault support, this allows for newcomers to the eco to not need to worry about the opt-in process.
The tool will function as: Enter ASA ID, enter vault type (one can select a root address and airdrop to all segments, or send to individual NFDs/Subdomains), Enter Amount, Click Send.
This tool will be Free to Use.

Item 2) Claims and Trades (New Tool/Repo)
This new tool is a missing piece to the Algorand ecosystem. The ability to have an app like a discord bot link to a public claim site is currently non-existent. With this new feature, bot developers from discord or telegram can create swap links by using our API. This will help improve the onboarding experience as no one will need to manually opt into an asset.
Some examples from developers who have requested this tool are: The ability to claim a designed NFT, the ability to automatically claim a giveaway win, the ability to buy tokens, and the ability to create a swap shop.
To increase the functionality, we will also be making a discord bot as an example. We hope that this will make it easier to adopt this free to use software. In addition, those who do not know how to code will be able to manually set up a swap themselves through a no-code interface.
This tool will be Free to Use.

Item 3) Non-Rarity Trait Support for our Simple Mint and Update Tools (Tool Upgrade)
This is an upgrade to two tools we have already built. With ARC36 being finalized, creators finally have a way to add in traits that will not affect the rarity scores of their collections. This empowers creators to add in better filters as their series utility continues to grow.
This is a Tool Charges 0.1A to Mint and 0.05A to Upgrade.

Item 4) Node Running Filter for MultiMint Asset Holder Lookup (Tool Upgrade)
With Node Incentivization on the way, we wanted an easy way for people airdropping tokens to have the ability to see who is running a node. This new tool will filter out anyone who isn’t running a node, hopefully incentivizing node running even further.
This tool will be Free to Use.

Item 5) Asset Details for Wallet Enhancer (Tool Upgrade)
Our wallet enhancer tool has been popular among creators and collecters. We want to add in the the ability for one to see their asset information and metadata (inclduing arc36 support) for any of the assets on the blockchain. Included in this upgrade would be the ability to copy ID, Opt-in, Opt-out, or Send right from that asset page.
With this upgrade, it allows for people to be able to link directly to an asset to get others to opt-in as well. With NFT Exploer going by the wayside, having a place to view Mainet and Testnet NFTs and ASAs is more critical than ever for the growth of the ecosystem.
This tool is will be Free to Use.

Item 6) Simple Bulk Mint (New Tool)
As the leading launchpad for NFTs, I have received a lot of feedback from new creators looking to launch a series on Algorand. This new tool would be a better UI interface for creators to be able to launch their collections.
This new tool will allow for users to select the ARC3/19/69, enter the IPFS CID for the collection, Name with option for starting #, Unit Name with option for starting #, have toggles for freeze and CB, Description, External URL, Creator, Token, and Royalty. They can then upload a sheet with just the traits to mint fast and easy.
This Tool Charges 0.1A to Mint.

Item 7) Tools Homepage and The Laboratory Redesign (New Site/Page Upgrade)
We want to help consolodate all the information from the No-Code tools we have built and have everything in one place for anyone new to the ecosystem to discover.
This would include a new tools.thurstober.com website that links to the labs (tools), we (wallet enhancer), and claims subdomains.
In addition, this will upgrade the theming of the Labs webpage to match Wallet Enhancer to create a new uniform, upgraded look across all our platforms.


The deliverables for this are simple, they’ll be open source tools. If they’re not delivered, there will be no tool.

You’ll be able to check the status of the tools by using the tools tab at https://thurstober.com/

Future Blueprint

Once our Proposal hits 50% we will start building some of these tools. We understand how much the community needs these and hopes that our goodwill effort will propel this proposal past the finish line.

Benefits for the community

The benefits are already being realized. When the myalgo hack went down, we quickly created mass add and send tools with Pera integration so creators and collectors alike were able to efficiently move their assets to safe homes. Since then, we have creators thanking us for providing them the tools we wish we had back in the early days of Algorand NFTs.
We’ve had 250,000+ Transactions in the last year and over 150,000 assets that were created, upgraded, or destroyed as well. We help find areas of need and build open source, free tooling to satisfy the need.

Additional information

We had been approved in the first and second xGov Round to build more tools. The tools have since been completed and made open source.

In addition to the tooling, we also provide creator guides that allow new creators to get a lay of the ecosystem to help the onboarding experience. You can find them here: LoafPickle – Medium

We are also building blockchain guides that we are writing for ourselves and other projects in the ecosystem. You can view it here: Introduction to Blockchain | Blockchain Guide


Congrats on your proposal approval!


Thanks Adri! Pickle and Kewel reporting for duty :saluting_face: