xGov-47 NFT Auction dApp (Rand Auctions)

Author Agash Navaranjan (@KillerGasy), Ross Murray-Jones

Category dApps

Focus NFT

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 425000

NFTs are the cornerstone of the Algorand blockchain, supporting over 1,000 artists and a loyal fanbase of die-hard collectors. After the recent relaunch of Rand Drops to complement Rand Gallery and NFT Explorer (NFTx), Rand wants to build the next dApp that the Algorand NFT community demands - Rand Auctions.

Rand, known for offering end-to-end NFT solutions from minting tools to data analytics, is creator-led and customer-focused. Rand Auctions will be an NFT auction dApp compatible with all of Rand’s products including Rand Gallery (Algorand’s #1 NFT Platform) and NFTx (Algorand’s #1 NFT analytics platform). The dApp will be smart contract-based, catering for both classic (timed) and Dutch auctions, to provide creators and collectors with another avenue to sell their NFTs.

Like Rand Drops, the auction site will be feature-rich (e.g. allow lists), intuitive, beautifully designed and integrated into the ecosystem (e.g. Evil Tools and NFDomains)

Link for details

afaik rand got VC funding, isnt that enough to implement the auctions protocol? it feels weird when rand is requesting additional funding via xGovs when they are the biggest NFT marketplace which got VC funding, especially when it feels like you didnt update rand in a long time. rand drop is out now but the marketplace lacks the simple feature “offers” (i know the problems around logic sigs but still) and you promised a design overhaul some time ago which never got delivered (i hope i dont mix up stuff here)

both axn and exa have those features and i question if it would be really that valuable for the ecosystem if we give you more money to build a feature that is out there already on other marketplaces while seeing the slow progress you made with rand and nftexplorer after your acquisition

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