Gas/oil dapp/DAO

Hey, Algo fam, don’t you think a gas dapp would provide a lot of activity to the chain?
first, set up a virtual debit card that uses usd, usdc, usdt and stbl by connecting it to your wallet. add the card to google pay/apple pay. Every time you pump gas it would be stored on the blockchain. the dapp would track your gas usage and compare you to the Average User Index.
anyone who manages to stay within range of the average user index will receive algo rewards and a chance to win stablecoins/usd to add to your gas card. the amount you would win, would be your average costs for that month.

may need a GAS DAO to help support the project.

the dapp would track gas prices like any other gas app now, but also track oil prices per barrel.
also give daily news around the world on gas/oil. (like news on OPEC, turmoil in oil rich countries, reminders for winter and spring maintenance which may affect the gas price, hikes/cuts on gas taxes or slow down in porduction.)

and to help hedge your gas cost, maybe allow the average person to buy oil futures, you will have access to a lot of information to help with your decision on investing in oil futures.

not sure as to make a token (rather not) or charge a monthly premium for more advanced usage of the dapp.

anyway, can you imagine how much activity Algorand would get simply by people buying gas?! everyone around the world buys gas daily. well, what do you say, Algorand, devs, anyone?