Governance #6 Tokens list

Hi @Adri , is there going to be new list of incentivized tokens for governance period #6 ?

This one is from the september.

I think it was said before that before each period there is update to this list.


The new list should’ve been online. I’ll check and report back.

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You might want to update this link…

I can see in the api that vote coin has there two pools now :slight_smile:

In the G5 there was only one vote/algo pool…

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Yes, that is where it’ll be updated. I’m waiting to hear back on when it’ll be live. Thanks for the ping.

The list is here, whilst the link is being updated

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@scholtz the link is updated :slight_smile:

TinyMan has just launched v2 version of AMM. @Adri … is there any chance to support V1 and V2 versions for the same tokens? I assume there is new address and perhaps tokens as well… i am not sure right now… there is however button to migrate to V2 Tinyman

Anybody from TinyMan here?

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under which conditions have new pools been added to the list? @Adri

Must be Token/Algo pool and Algo amount in the pool should be over 10000 algos…

I think this was decided when first token list was created… From the data there i assume snapshot was done some time around or before christmas for #6.

yeah but was there a new snapshot? there must have been cause DHARM-ALGO is now eligible but sth like STBL2-ALGO is not which is weird

Hey there, the Tinyman team is in touch with the Foundation, and we are ensuring that all v2 pools with Token/ALGO are included for the upcoming governance period. This list will be updated before the governance period. As we’ve just launched, we are waiting for some of the pools to be created so we can provide the IDs for the pools.

In summary, both V1 and V2 pools of Tinyman will be eligible for Governance Period #6 if they meet the minimum criteria of 10000 Algo. Stay tuned for updates to the list.


@Adri hey, since the commitment period is ending soon i am tagging you again (sorry for that):

under which conditions have new pools been added to the list? can the foundation accept the lending pools of algofi they meet the criteria 10k ALGO easily?


I would also prefer the TinyMan v2 vote coin AMM token to be incentivized… There is also more than 10 k algos… Tinyman


AMM Token id: 1002644175

I’ll have to check with Michele, when his back online on Monday am, Italy time.
AFAIK, the pools need to be established at the start of the period, with one exception for this period for Tinyman V2.
I’ll find out and revert.

This pool is now eligible with governance period 6 :wave:

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