Massive ASA's creation

Hi everyone, at my company we want to create multiples ASAs as NFT. Now we’re working in the testnet, but in a few months, we will work over the mainnet

I would like to know if there is such tings as “good practices” to create a lot of ASAs at once. The quantity range could be between 100 and 4000 asas.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Algorand!

Currently, each creator can only create up to 1000 ASAs.
So you may need multiple creator addresses.

One thing you may want to take care is avoid filling up completely blocks as it induces congestion fees.
So you may want to restrict yourself to creating 100-200 ASAs per block, that is 40 ASAs / second.

If you were creating tens of millions of ASAs, you also most likely want to optimize the way you query the node: it is more efficient to first post all the transactions for a given block, then wait for the next block, and only then check one by one that the transactions are posted, rather than naively post and wait for confirmation.

I think the most important point would be to follow ARC-3 to be future-proof:

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Thanks so much Fabrice! I made a little diagram to show the process (little as there are a lot of considerations to add!). It sounds good to you?