xGov-8 Evil Tools

Author Joseph Glenn (@LoafPickleWW)

Category Tools

Focus Area User Onboarding

Open-Source Undecided

ALGO Requested 1000

Over the last 6 months, Evil Tools have developed a slew of no-code tools to carry out monotonous processes on the Algorand Blockchain and allowing users with no coding experience to work efficiently and easily.
To Date, we have developed Mass Mint Tools for ARC3, ARC19, ARC69, Mass Updater tools for ARC19 and ARC69, Mass Asset Add, Mass Send, Mass Asset Opt Out, IPFS Collection Upload, wallet holding tools, and tools that allow people to find
holders of collections and multimint assets.

We hope to continue to add more mass tools like Mass Freeze, Mass Clawback, Mass Asset Destroy, while also improving the UI/UX we already have built.

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